Friday, January 28, 2011

CHA arrived...

... but it was WAY smaller than the American version.
As my profile says I live in Spain, and here scrapbooking or card making are not big...YET. I mean, here we don't even give each other cards, unless it is your birthday, and even then, it is weird.
So as you can imagine, our own CHA is smaller and there is only 3 or 4 booths dedicated to scrap stuff.

I did some shopping, obviously not as much as I would have liked, ha ha. So now I have new toys to play with.
Ill show you what comes out of this shopping trip, but first I wanted to share another card I made for another friend´s birthday

For this card I used another design from the silhouette store, and I made it into a cake, inspired by a card I saw on the web. I covered the scallops that make the cream of the cake with perfect pearls, so it would have some shine, and for the flames on the candles, I used some glossy accents. Hope you like it!

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